Jacob Serre

Heart Transplant - Family assistance

FLF has had the honor through our first quarter grant of helping this amazing family through quite the medical crisis.  Jacob has had his second heart transplant however, he is continuing to have major medical issues.  If you would like to follow Jacon's Journey, you can find him on Caring Bridge at www.caringbridge.org/visit/jacobserre

From Jacob's mom-

Thank you so much for supporting our family as we go through a really scary time again. 
When my son got his first heart transplant in 2021 at age 16, we had hoped it would last him 20 years. Never did we imagine he would get so sick again, at no fault of his own, so soon and need another transplant not even 3 years later. We were wrecked when we found out last month how sick he was, and that it was such a dire situation. Within 3 weeks of finding out how sick he was his Doctor's did a full transplant evaluation and unanimously decided he needed to get another heart transplant. 
We have been told by our transplant team that if we have to move down there soon, we could be there 6-24 months, waiting, getting the transplant and recovery after. As you can imagine there are many costs related to that. From lost wages since I won’t be able to work, to food, gas, transportation while there (the Palo Alto area is ridiculously expensive) flying back and fourth (My husband needs to stay here to work, our youngest son has many special needs and is in a special program at school, and we have 2 other kids, so Jacob and I will move down to Palo Alto and my husband and other 3 kids will stay in Boise primarily) housing while we are waiting to get in the the Ronald McDonald House etc. 
Maggie O’Mara has been been amazing raising awareness and helping us get the word out to our community with needs~ I’ll attach some stories she has done on our heart warrior.